Customer Support

Professional, experienced personnel. Extensive documentation. Fast turnaround.

Megaputer SupportMegaputer is proud to provide high-quality support to our customers. Our support staff is a team of dedicated and experienced personnel that is waiting to help you.

Monday through Friday
9:00 AM through 6:00 PM
Eastern Standard Time

Hotline: 1 (812) 330-0110


Training Information

Megaputer offers onsite and over-the-web training seminars. Seminars are given by trained professionals with years of experience discussing the software and all things analytics. If you are interested in setting up a training seminar or want to learn more about pricing and options, please contact Megaputer sales.

Where can I Find Product Documentation?

Our documentation is normally installed along with the software. You can access the Help from the Start Menu or by choosing "View Help" in the Help menu of the program. Megaputer support can also provide printed documentation upon request.

"Analytical engines do an excellent job of finding relations amongst many fields without overfitting. I found the user interface both intuitive and easy to use. Megaputer support is outstanding. The inevitable problems one expects with a complex system are dealt with immediately." - Timothy Nagle, Nycor Group

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